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Fives members, fives different personalities - Melodic Hardcore music. A DRAFT OF CLARITY from Lille, France started their journey in 2017. Their debut-single “Still Here” was released in April 2017. Shortly after, they released a debut-EPs “Borders” in December 2017 on which they invited some friends like the lead singer of GRADIENTS. To support the release the band played several French festivals.

In 2018, they started to work on new stuff, which better described their music style and personality. The released the single “Therapy” in Sept. 2018. This new single was about the personal toxic relationship of Mathias aka Fragilus, the singer. Unfortunately, the overwhelming emotion of this song for him marked the end of Mathias' participation into the band.

After more than one year of hidden work, A DRAFT OF CLARITY are ready to come back ! Fives members, fives different personalities, fives strong energies for a percutant melodic hardcore. Be prepared...

“This band is fucking crazy, awesome music and awesome people.”
Justin Timberlake (almost...)




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